Attendance and punctuality is extremely important to us.  Being on time ad present each day ensures that our children are prepared for learning and can make good progress.
Please could we ask that you notify us by telephone on the first day of your child's absence from school to explain the reason for their absence.  Should we not receive a telephone call, we will contact you to ask why they are absent.
We operate a four stage approach to monitoring attendance.
Stage 1 (95% - 90%)
  • Attendance is beginning to fall below the attendance target
  • Class teachers will closely monitor your child's attendance and work with you and your child in order to improve it
Stage 2 (90% - 85%)
  • Attendance has shown a continued decline
  • Pastoral Letter 1 of general concern will be issued and a copy of your child's attendance record, with the opportunity to meet with the Attendance Coordinator to discuss if the school can assist in any way
Stage 3 (85% - 80%)
  • Attendance now falls in the category of persistent absence
  • Pastoral Letter 2 will be issued and a meeting will be held with the Attendance Coordinator to discuss how school can offer support
  • Attendance targets and consequences are discussed
  • Attendance Officer and Family Support Worker notified
Stage 4 (Below 80%)
  • The Local Authority Education Welfare Officer will be advised and will closely monitor attendance.
  • Formal intervention and referral can be actioned and prosecution considered if required