Culcheth High School Links

We share very strong links with one of our feeder schools, Culcheth High School.  Both schools work hard to improve the transition from Year 6 to Year 7.  Throughout the school year, our Year 6 children have the opportunity to visit the high school to use specialist equipment and engage with other pupils.  Each year our Year 6 children perform their end of year play in the theatre which really adds to the performance.
In 2016-2017, the Science, English and Mathematics department looked at ways of making the transition from Y6 to Y7 seamless.  Both Newchurch and Culcheth High School implemented a bespoke project which was very successful with our Year 6 children visiting the high school on a number of occasions to engage in lessons with Y7 students.  Please see below the presentation at the end of the year.
As we truly believe that each subject is of equal importance.  in 2018-2019 the transition project developed to include History and Geography.