Curriculum Design

We have worked very hard to create a bespoke curriculum which engages, motivates and celebrates the children’s learning whilst also meeting the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum.


For details of the National Curriculum, please visit:


Each class has a series of mini themes which can last from two to five weeks. These themes have one subject at its core which we call the 'driver'.  This means that the learning will be focused primarily around that subject with cross-curricular links with other subjects being used effectively to enhance teaching and learning. As we created our new curriculum design, we were mindful of the need to ensure all programmes of study whilst maintaining a rich and exciting curriculum to suit the needs and interests of all our children.


English, Maths, Computing, PSHE and Religious Education follow a discrete scheme of work with cross-curricular opportunities being exploited whenever appropriate.


Each theme will begin with a WOW factor to engage the children's interest and assist in the assessment of their prior knowledge and understanding in the subject.  A carefully planned assessment task concludes each theme, which has been facilitated by a series of learning tasks and experiences to enable the children to display their learning to its full.


Please see our outlines below for more information.


Year Group Expectations in English and Maths
Please see below details of the expectations for each year group.