Junior Safety

Our Junior Safety Officers, Charlie, Sienna and Frankie, help to ensure that all our pupils are safe.  They meet with the Safety Officer from the Local Authority, Bev Mercer, who gives them ideas on how to improve safety in and around the school.  
This year, they will be involving the other Newchurch robins in understanding road safety, pedestrian safety, water safety and fire safety.  In addition, they will be encouraging all children to cycle or walk to school in a safe way.
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
Our Junior Safety Officers presented this morning to the rest of the school, sharing the importance of wearing seat belts and using car seats when travelling in cars.
Friday 25th October 2019
Our Junior Safety Officers with their Safeguarding Crew met with the Safeguarding Governor (Mrs Ray) to discuss what they have been working on and the actions they intend to take this year.  They are currently planning their annual Bonfire and Firework Safety Talk for the first day back.
Mrs Ray said, 'I met the Safeguarding Crew with the Junior Safety Officers today. I was impressed by their awareness of safety issues and their determination to help Newchurch pupils stay safe.'
Cycle to School Day
Despite the inclement weather, the children joined in with Cycle to School Day. There were a myriad of sizes and colours, stabilizers and helmets. It is great to see so many of our robins thinking about their health, the environment and how to keep safe. Year Five's Bike Right programme will be running in November too.