At Newchurch Primary, we are very proud of the provision we give our children. We believe that the teaching of Music should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music, their talent as musicians, enabling them to increase in self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement through active involvement in listening, appreciating, composing and performing.  

At Newchurch, we believe music helps children to develop their:

  • Social and personal values (self-esteem, communication, co-operation)

  • Intellectual and cognitive skills (critical awareness, discrimination)

  • Creativity and use of imagination 

  • Fine motor skills, co-ordination and control

  • An awareness and appreciation of a wide range of cultural traditions


Our aim is to enable each child to:

  • Grow musically at his/her own level and pace

  • Foster musical responsiveness

  • Develop his/her own instinctive drive for sensory experience

  • Access a means of both verbal and non-verbal experience

  • Develop awareness and appreciation of organised sound patterns

  • Develop an understanding of reading and writing musical signs, symbols and instructions

  • Develop instrumental and vocal skills

  • Develop aural imagery

  • Develop sensitive, analytical and critical response to music through appraisal

  • Develop capacity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through music

  • Develop awareness and understanding of musical traditions, styles/genres and cultures from other times and places

  • Foster enjoyment of all aspects of music



We believe that children are entitled to weekly high-quality music lessons.  All children from Y2 – Y6 will have weekly music lessons with children in Years 3 to 6 being taught by a specialist music teacher. They will learn to how to create music digitally, learn how to play a brass instrument and also the samba drums.

Early Years children have access to musical activities through focused, enhanced and continuous provision both indoors and outdoors, whilst the rest of the school follow Charanga plus our own bespoke additions to the curriculum. Children will be taught the various elements of music through structured, well-prepared lessons that are differentiated to challenge all children. 

Throughout the year, all children have a variety of opportunities to perform in front of a large audience such as Christmas performances, special assemblies, Carol services, Young Voices, Feast of Choirs etc.

Through the teaching of music at Newchurch, we aim to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  Regardless of gender, race or academic achievement, teachers ensure that all pupils have fair access to the Music curriculum in accordance with the school’s Equal Opportunities Policy.  In accordance with the school’s Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Able, Gifted and Talented Policies, effective learning opportunities in music are provided for all pupils.