School Meals and Lunchtimes

School Meals
Jayne, our cook, ensures that the children have a choice of well-balanced and nutritional meals which are prepared on site each day. A copy of the school menu can be found below.  On occasions, the children will have the opportunity to have a themed lunch which is linked into our curriculum.
Unless your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, the cost of a school meal is £2.40 per day.  School dinners are purchased through ParentPay.
Lunchtime is a valuable time when children can enjoy physical activities and improve their personal, social and emotional development. At Newchurch, we are committed to ensuring that lunchtime is a positive, enjoyable and engaging time of the day.
Our wonderful midday assistants plan a variety of activities for the children each day with a view to ensuring that over the week there has been something that appeals to all children.  Such activities include:
  • chalking
  • making paper aeroplanes
  • outside disco
  • traditional games
  • skipping games
  • target practice

and many more.

The children earn pompoms for displaying positive relationships and engaging in our school behaviour policy.  At the end of the week, the class with the most pompoms wins the Golden Lunchbox, which has a special little treat inside for them to enjoy.