Risk assessment guidelines

A SITE risk assessment is undertaken each week and a DAILY risk assessment and checks made prior to every forest school session at our forest school site.


In addition, an ACTIVITY risk assessment will be established prior to any activity that may require it.  These will include: Whittling, cutting wood, shelter building, fire lightening and cooking on an open fire, and palm drilling.


Specific additional risk assessments will be undertaken for children whose medical conditions or whose behaviour requires them.


  • The risk assessment process is detailed below:
  • We look for potential hazards
  • We decide who might be at harm
  • We consider how harm may occur and the worst outcome that we could face
  • We evaluate the current risk
  • We decide on a course of action or set of precautions that will be put in place to minimise the potential risk
  • We then re-evaluate the level of risk once our course of action and precautions have been put in place.
  • We create a risk assessment and collate them in the forest school file
  • We inform all adults who are accompanying the group and require them to sign each relevant risk assessment to show that they have read and understood the assessments
  • We regularly monitor and review each risk assessment, half termly and as an action is needed.